Inhabiting the Virtual

3-month media studies course, January-March 2020
Architectural Association, London
Taught by Paula Strunden

2nd Year Student Quote
‘I believe that VR will be one the most commonly used tools for architectural representation in the near future, because it is the best way to get a first-hand experience of a space without it actually being real. (...) This course has provided us with the set of skills that will definitely be put to use throughout the period of our study in AA and beyond that.’

This Media Studies Course combines VR (HTC Vive), hand tracking technology (Leap Motion) and real-time game engine (Unity) to explore new forms of creating and experiencing interactive virtual environments. Over a period of eight weeks, each student will design one tactile object that upon being touched unfolds a time-based virtual environment to be inhabited through a VR headset. The students will learn how to translate traditional design methods such as sketching and physical model making into immersive and interactive VR content on a 1:1 scale. Different tools and methods will be explored to create real-time virtual environments ranging from photogrammetry to 3D sketching, to spherical panorama rendering and interactive animation.

10 architecture students (2nd year). All work presented below has been produced by students of the Architectural Association, as part of the course ‘Inhabiting the Virtual’ Term 2 2019/20.

Congratulations to Riad Tabbera for recieveing a high-pass for his location-based VR experience ‘The Oyster’. All 2nd Year AA MS hig-pass nominations can be viewed at:


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