1-month summer school, July 2018 
The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London
Taught by Alex Anderson, Paula Strunden Kirsty McMullen & Thomas Parker
Supported by John Cruwys, Matei Mitrache, Karen Ko, Flavian Berar & Olli Parkinson

This year our Summer Studio is interested in questioning preconceived notions of architectural design and how we might start to meditate a growing rift between representation and reality through developing unique protocols and tactics suited to the task. Through observing and analysing our spatial surroundings we learn that architecture is never truly used as intended. Instead we discover new realities which cannot be described in conventional representation that are hidden from our insufficient sensorium. It is in these sensory places and within the exploration of immersive techniques that we hope to establish test beds for architectural design, where we start to unfold our knowledge of space - revealing an infra-architecture.

30 international architecture students.

360 animation stills by Holly, Lucy, Vanya and Saloni & video animation to the right by Yusr (all selected work is created by summer school students from The Bartlett UCL 2019)