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Drawing The Virtual

1st Year Media Studies Course 2019/20
Architectural Association
by Paula Strunden

This practical Virtual Reality course introduces 1st Year Architecture students to the basics of drawing in and for Virtual Reality, using both analogue and digital techniques. Students will explore intuitive methods to create immersive content, such as 360 spherical panorama hand- drawing, stop-motion and 3D sketching in Virtual Reality using Gravity Sketch, Tilt Brush and Quill. Students will present and evaluate their spatial drawings in VR learning how to use different VR headsets ranging from HTC Vive to Occulus Quest and Google Cardboard.

All of the students 360 hand-drawings produced as part of the kick-off Seminar ‘Hands-On VR’ can be viewed on Flickr

More info about the AA Media Studies Courses: http://media.aaschool.ac.uk/fy/

Congratulations to Kevin Vannucchi and Peder Sveen for recieveing a high-pass for their location-based VR experience ‘Point to Point’. All AA MS hig-pass nominations can be viewed at: https://aacms20.cargo.site/CMS-1

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