Cabinet of Virtual Curiosities

3-month media studies course, January-March 2019
Architectural Association London

Taught by Paula Strunden


’If we (…) begin to see architecture in the 21st century as part of a wider discourse of spaces of information, speculation and immersion, then the possibilities of what architecture can be and what architects can do becomes greatly expanded. To achieve this, the need for forms of representation that are themselves speculative, immersive and time based becomes essential.' Nic Clear, Drawing Time, 2013

Working with HTC Vive, Leap Motion and Unity the course aims to explore a new sensorial form of making and experiencing space. Over a period of eight weeks each student will create a tactile object that upon being touched unfolds a time-based virtual environment to be experienced with a VR headset and hand-tracking technology. By focussing on soft design factors we will learn how to translate traditional design methods such as sketching and model making into immersive VR content on a 1:1 scale. Different tools and methods will be explored to create these virtual environments ranging from photogrammetry, to 3D sketching and spherical panorama drawing to stop-motion, 360 rendering and interactive animation.

3ds Max, Unity 3D, Agisoft, Gravity Sketch, Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Audition