Acts of Drawing

2-day workshop, 30/31 October 2018
Architectural Association, London
Taught by Paula Strunden

Acts of Drawing brings a range of practitioners together for two days of AA Media workshops and talks focused on the drawing and its mysterious manifestations - from pencil to point cloud, hyperrealism to abstraction, intuition to automation - all the while immersed in a room full of inspirational drawings and sketches:

01 Modern Nature: The Ultra-Baroque // ANDREW HOLMES
02 Between the Code and the Hand:On Deviations in Drawing // EDOUARD CABAY
03 Hands on VR // PAULA STRUNDEN

This practical Virtual Reality workshop will introduce you to the basics of 360/VR drawing. In two days, you will explore quick and intuitive metods to create immersive content looking at both analogue and digital drawing techniques.

Starting Day 1 with 360-degree hand drawings, you will learn how to manipulate, collage and draw spherical panoramic images and edit your own stop-motion VR film in Adobe Premiere.

On Day 2 you will work with 1:1 3D sketching and modelling software Gravity Sketch and learn how to implement your virtual creations in the game-engine Unity. At the end of the workshop you will be able to interact with your collective virtual drawing in real-time wearing an HTC Vive headset.